"Jacob Reuven plays in a highly virtuosic and yet sensual way, for which there is a huge applause. The soloist thanks the audience with a sensational encore 'Maktub improvisation from Bach to Middle East'."


“Internationally acclaimed Israeli mandolinist Jacob Reuven delights audiences during his appearances with the Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble.”


"It was pure pleasure to hear Jacob Reuven's brilliant Mandolin playing and with what abandon and passion he challenged his instrument up to its limits".


"Mandolin player Jacob Reuven, who, thanks to his transcendental technique combined with an exuberant personality, has established himself as one of the most interesting and sought after virtuosos of the instrument for which he set new technical and interpretative standards"

GBOPERA Magazine

"Jacob turning the mandolin into alive and breathing instrument, exciting in its sound like a violin and expressing itself like a human voice"



Music takes you whole. It doesn’t operate in time constraints, evaluations or progress frameworks. For a truly excellent performance, you have to feel so well-grounded in your technique that you can allow for an exploration of yourself in each moment and be ready for fresh tensions to reveal themselves, retouching and evolving the way you play. If you give your whole, your audience can easily connect with you and join you on the journey, creating a truly transcendental experience.
— Jacob Reuven

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