My work is dedicated to developing the mandolin - challenging its limits as a solo instrument and expanding its repertoire, as well as raising the next generation of mandolin virtuosos who can take it further. I do this through arranging the music originally written for violin to be performed on a mandolin. The school I’m coming from is based on learning the original violin music by J.S. Bach, E. Ysaÿe, and N. Paganini and taking it into the mandolin world. This approach has allowed for a big improvement in my skills and is now developing skills of my students. We have 200 years of unbelievable music literature for an instrument and are lucky that mandolin and violin are tuned in exactly the same way, which is a good starting point for arranging the music. This approach allows us to reach a new level of mastery of mandolin.
— Jacob Reuven

Beer Sheva Music Conservatory

Jacob Reuven has been a director of the Beer-Sheva Music Conservatory since 2012. He has started his mandolin career at the same school back when he was 8 and is now dedicated to developing a new generation of musicians. Conservatory has an increase of the  number of students each year and its students are repeatedly winning national competitions. International world-class musicians are known to teach master classes at the school, and concerts serials are engaging with the entire city. Reuven’s close ties with musicians around the world give him a unique chance to bring the best guest teachers to the Conservatory.  Even more importantly, his own experience provides him with a grand vision of what it takes to nurture the students and make them succeed in the classical music world. To give the students the best possible environment in which to thrive and succeed, a brand new Steinway & Sons Grand piano has been added to the Conservatory last year and the management already has more goals of securing quality instruments for their students. The focus is put on enhancing the entire ecosystem in and around the institution. Conservatory offers music theory classes, chamber music programs, orchestras, master classes, competitions, public concerts, and cooperation with the local orchestras. Find out more here.

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Jacob Reuven has been a full-time mandolin professor at the Academy since 2016. Many of his graduating bachelor and masters students have gone on to win International Mandolin Competitions. Additionally, some of the students have joined the Israeli Mandolin Soloists Ensemble
His teaching approach is based, not around competition but around cooperation and dedication to the instrument and one another. Students don't only focus on practicing and performing but also about learning from each other, working together and giving back to the community.  Find out more here.


Jacob Reuven teaches master-classes all over the world, spreading his expertise and furthering the level of classical mandolin playing.  He represents the Israeli mandolin school which is predominantly classical and focused on playing the repertoire for solo violin on a mandolin.  He has thought matserclasses around Europe, USA and Russia. Down below you can see the examples of the classes he offers.

Master Classes

Aimed at music schools, academy classes and orchestras. Jacob is always excited to meet with the new students, share and exchange his mandolin knowledge, be it on specific technical challenges or an overall performing. If you see Jacob is performing at your city, feel free to contact him and arrange a lesson or a series of lessons for your class.


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Group Master Classes

aimed at Groups of mandolin players who want to work with Jacob on their musical development. 

The goals of the group can be anything from learning new playing tips & exercises, tackling a new music piece or technique, to working on theoretical aspects of music transcription and building an orchestra.



Individual Online Classes

Take your mandolin playing to a new level! This is an opportunity to get a personalised 1h lesson from Jacob Reuven based on your playing. He will listen to the piece/s you are working on, watch the specifics of your technique and give you a detailed evaluation helping you identify elements that could be improved and elevate your overall playing. Together, you will discuss his feedback and recommendations defining a practice routine you can use moving forward.

Online tutorials are available on Jacob’s Youtube channel. Subscribe and be the first one to receive the new videos.

This tutorial was created to demonstrate Jacob's basic warm-up sequence. Tools and further explanations are provided here.